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EMIS Services

Education Management Information System - State-required reporting system for student, staff, and financial information. Includes: Hosting of all EMIS-related systems, support, regional training, webinars, and open labs

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Documentation and Links

Data Collector (Requires Login)
Link to the SIFWork's VRF Data Collector

EMIS Alliance Public Space
This site is for the EMIS Alliance Public Space which contains all EMIS Alliance recorded videos, EMIS conference call notes, and EMIS Alliance local training events.

EMISFFE (Flat File Editor) V2 (Requires Login)
This application allows importing of EMIS Detail Records ("Chapter 5 Layouts"), adding, updating, or deleting of records, and extraction to Detail format compatible with EMIS-R.

EMIS Reports (Requires Login)
District's EMIS report webspace.

OH|ID Portal (Requires Login)
Provides users with a more secure and private experience during online interactions with State of Ohio programs. Users with an OH|ID account can access multiple State applications by only entering their username and password once.

Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) System
the Statewide Student Identifier system (SSID) assigns a student identification number to all 1.8 million K-12 public school children in the state.


Additional Resources