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Service Portfolio

Core Services
"Core services" are the minimum set of state-subsidized information technology services that each information technology center is required by the Ohio department of education to offer its user entities.

Optional Services
"Optional Services" are additional services that are offered by OME-RESA based on member needs and are not state-subsidized

Core Services

EMIS Services
Education Management Information System - State-required reporting system for student, staff, and financial information. Includes: Hosting of all EMIS-related systems, support, regional training, webinars, and open labs.
Non-ISP Technical Services
Compliments ISP services to increase student, staff, and network security that cannot be included in ISP services.
Includes:  Web content filtering, fully redundant perimeter firewalls, IPS, IDS, support, and regional training.
Fiscal Services 
USAS (Uniform School Accounting System) and USPS (Uniform School Payroll System), both Classic and Redesign. Includes:  Hosting of USAS(r) and USPS(r) and related modules, Employee W2 and 1099 printing, support, and regional training.
INFOhio, a virtual K-12 library, is transforming teaching and learning by providing equitable access to quality resources for all of Ohio’s PreK-12 community of students, educators, and parents. INFOhio is a national leader in the services it offers and is, at its very heart student and instruction-focused. INFOhio's components include electronic resources for schools, instructional development for teachers, and school library automation -- all promoting information literacy and media literacy through the use of technology.

ISP Services
Connectivity, ISP, Security, Filtering, hosting wireless and VoIP, and much more.  Highly redundant core network with multiple connections to diverse rings on the State OARnet Network, 24-7 Monitoring with the online customer portal and technical planning, implementation, and support services.

Student Services
Utilizing the ProgressBook Suite of products and IEP Anywhere, districts can choose from several product modules to meet their needs. The ProgressBook Suite supports integrations with other 3 party systems through two methods; VendorLink  or Certified Integration Partner 

Optional Services


Optional Administrative Services 


Administrative In-service
For superintendents and treasurers or their representatives, from September through April for a minimum of four sessions, including one 2-day Legislative session with overnight accommodations (2 rooms included) and dinner. Presentations include updates from Regional State Board of Education Members, BASA, Legal, OME-RESA, The Management Council, and many more.


Cooperative Purchasing
OME-RESA provides a wide array of programs & services that help our member districts save money on purchases and operate more efficiently for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the communities they serve. Members not only have access to local programs but statewide OCEPC and National AEPA programs as well.


Legal Services
OME-RESA contracts with Pepple & Waggoner, Ltd. Of Cleveland, a law firm experienced in Ohio school law and provides consultative services to school districts.


Optional EMIS Services


EMIS Extended
An OME-RESA EMIS professional will be assigned to monitor and assist the district's EMIS Coordinator above and beyond what is provided in the EMIS Core service. Includes, but is not limited to, EMIS Reviews, State Report Analysis, and other services to ensure your district data is clean and receives the maximum amount of funding.


EMIS Advanced
An OME-RESA EMIS professional will be assigned to serve as the district’s EMIS Coordinator. Your assigned EMIS professional works in a team with other dedicated EMIS professional staff so districts can have confidence that your State Reporting is always covered. Includes, but is not limited to, EMIS Reviews, State Report Analysis, and other services to ensure your district data is clean and receives the maximum amount of funding.


EMIS Review


Optional Fiscal Services


Employee Kiosk
A web-based tool designed to assist districts with managing staff leave and professional development through a workflow process.  Employees can use the self-service portal to request leaves, view position details, performance reviews, pay stubs, and W-2s.


Requisition Approval Manager -  Web-based product that wraps an approval workflow around USAS requisitions.


OME-RESA contracts with Rea & Associates to provide answers to basic tax questions, newsletters, and informational posts through a web-based application. All content is archived, shared, and searchable.


Optional Student Services


Customized Report Cards in GradeBook
For members that want more than the canned report cards in GradeBook. Have your report card fully customized to meet your district's needs including standards-based cards.


Customized Report Cards/Transcripts in StudentInformation
For members that want more than the canned report cards and transcripts in the StudentInformation. Have your report card or transcript fully customized to meet your district's needs.


Optional Technical Services


LAN Management Services
OME-RESA offers three options for on-site assistance and training for district-specific issues when another set of hands is needed during a project or a district finds itself in a technical emergency.


MIBS - Cisco
Managed wireless services managed and monitored remotely by OME-RESA and DataServ Staff. 


MIBS or Standalone Wireless - Extreme
This wireless service can be provided as managed (monitored and managed remotely by OME-RESA Staff) or as a standalone system that the district Technology Coordinator manages.


SIP Services
Eliminate monthly telecom PRI costs by using your ISP services for calls. 


Virtual Server Hosting and Disaster Recovery Services
A Virtual Server hosted at OME-RESA. Districts have complete administrative rights over their virtual server and any licensed applications on it. Service includes; hot site replication, anti-virus protection, and a standard 50 GB OS partition (Windows server license included). Service excludes Application licenses other than Windows or Antivirus. If the customer is not on the State Network (OARnet), additional fees will apply.


Managed VoIP Services - Cisco
Managed VoIP phone system hosted at OME-RESA, core equipment is centrally managed with full redundancy. 


Managed or Standalone VoIP Services - Jive
Feature-rich, cloud-based Managed, or standalone VoIP phone system