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Emergencies before/after hours (7:30 am-4:00 pm) or the weekend's

Call 740-283-2050 and dial one of the emergency extensions:

Technical Emergency = Ext. 118
Application Emergency = Ext. 218

Normal support issues (non-emergency) - through the OME-RESA helpdesk via one of two methods:

  1. Online Support Request
  2. Emailing one of the support addresses below to create a helpdesk ticket:
Administrative Services Support
Cooperative Services Support
Data Integration Services Support
EMIS Services Support
Employee Kiosk Support
Fiscal (Classic) Support
Fiscal (Redesign) Support
Gradebook Support
INFOhio Support
Security Support
SpecialService and SameGoal Support
StudentInformation Support
Technical Support

Emergencies or if the issue is complex and needs to be explained over the phone during normal business hours (7:30 am-4:00 pm) 

Call (740) 283-2050 and dial one of the department extensions:

Administrative Assistant and Billing Services Ext.122
Cooperative or E-Rate Services Ext. 8
Executive Director or Assistant Director Office Ext. 3
Fiscal Services Ext. 7
INFOhio Services Ext. 9
Security Services Ext. 0
Student Services Ext. 6
Technical Services Ext. 5

Did you know that OME-RESA has Online Support Documentation? Visit the Knowledge Books! 
(Must be on the OME-RESA Network to Access)

 Knowledge Books

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