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Bus Purchasing

Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency
2020-2021 Bus Bid Program – Bid Results


We have received bids from the following vendors:  Bus Service Inc, Cardinal, Myers, Ohio CAT and Truck Sales & Service.

(Please Note:  The pricing for Truck Sales & Service is NOT yet in the side-by-side comparison sheet.  We had this information in PDF but not in Excel yet.  We will add their information to the main spreadsheet once we receive it.  You can view all of their pricing in their folder though.  It was important that we send the pricing out as/is to our members since there is quite a few needing this information before the end of the day.)

The side-by-side comparison will show you pricing for each bus size.  There are tabs on the spreadsheet for each bus type:  Conventional, Transit, Type A and Additional Type A’s.  (A total of 6 tabs)  Since this is such a large document - we recommend that you first hide the columns for any vendors and/or bus sizes you are not interested in.  It will be easier to view and print this way.  Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this.  We have also included the sheet showing all Trade In Values from all vendors. 

If you wish to view additional information from any of the vendors, please click on the folder to the vendor you are interested in.  These documents include Vendor Contact Information, Floor plans, Warranties, Stock Units and more.  Please remember:  Stock Units are limited in quantity and “first come, first served”

For any districts that did NOT participate in this year’s bus bid by filling out our survey and/or participating in our Legal Advertisement – you may still use this bid!  When we publish our Legal Advertisement we list each interested district along with the words “and ALL members of the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing and Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency" so ALL OME-RESA Member Districts" are covered on the legal advertisement and bid.  It IS necessary for your district to pass a Board Resolution prior to purchasing though. 

Pricing is firm through January 13, 2021.  However, it is in our specifications that this pricing may be extended with prior authorization from the vendor you have chosen to purchase from.  All original Bus Bid Documents (including a copy of the Legal Advertisement) may be viewed on the EPC Bus Page at