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Cooperative Purchasing Programs
OME-RESA provides a wide array of programs & services that help our member districts save money on purchases and operate more efficiently for the benfit of students, faculty, staff, and the communities they serve.

Contact Us:
Wendy Barr
Email: coop@omeresa.net
(740) 283 - 2050 ext 800

Check out our Programs!
Click on the links below to see details about each program.

To download pricelists/catalogs:
1.) Click on the link,
2.) Click "Save",
3.) Save the excel spreadsheet or pdf to your computer or device.

AEPA - National Purchasing




Pricing Period: March 1, 2019 through February 28, 2020

Includes:  Administrative Software, Athletic Field Turf & Surfacing, Athletic & Recreational Lighting, Classroom/Office Supplies, Copiers, Custodial Restroom, Break Room & Safety Catalog, Furniture, Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring, Industrial Arts & Career Supplies Catalog, Interactive Classroom/Meeting Presentation Technology Catalog, Kitchen Supplies & Equipment, Live Finger Print Scan & Palm Scan, Maintenance& Repair Operations, Mobile Learning Solutions, Roofing & Building Envelope, Scoreboard & marquee Signate, Sports Equipment Catalog, Technology Catalog, Track & Court Surfaces and WalkThrough Metal Detectors.  

AEPA Brocure Updated 5-17-2019



Pricing Period:  April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020


Vendor: AEDVenture (Formerly LifeServers)

 Base Unit Pricing: $1,325.00

To Place an order please email or call: 

Jon Warnock

Director of Sales

LifeServers, an Allied 100 Company




We are not providing AV/Technology Catalogs any longer.
As a member of the OME-RESA you are eligible for AEPA Discounts.  This will allow you a general discount on ALL items carried.
We reccommend the following AEPA Vendors for Technology Products:  CDW-G & MNJ Technologies


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020

Helpful Info
Vendor Contact Info             Installation Guide              Maintenance Guide
For a current catalog of avaiable options please contact Interface.


Pricing Period:  February 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020
Classroom & Office Supply Pricing  - Please click the link to download.
The spreadsheet has several colored tabs: Vendor Contacts/General Discounts, Supplies, *Acco/GBC, Duct Tape, Construction Paper, Paints, Special Needs, Physical Education, Early Education, Glazes and Science.  Most items are on the"General" tab. 
Additional Information on Vendors:
Friends Office
School Specialty


Food Products, Paper/Plastics, Chemicals, Small Wares, Bakery, Dairy & Ice Cream. For pricing and information please contract:o
Wendy Barr
740-283-2050 x 800  OR coop@omeresa.net 




Pricing Extension Period:  June 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020

Includes:  Instructional Classroom Furniture, Filing & Storage Cabinets, Furniture Systems, workstations, walls, Executive & Administrative Wood Furniture, Tables & Accessories, Fully upholstered Furniture, Cafeteria, Library, Science, Laboratory & Vocational Furnishings.

HVAC Air Filter Purchasing Program

Purchase your Airguard Brand Air Filters at Factory Direct Pricing

How Often Filters Should be Changed

Pleated and Roll Media – 3-4 times per year or if using Pressure Differential as indicated

Bags, Boxes, Cartridge Filters – 1 time per year or if using Pressure Differential as indicated

Minimum Order Quantities are as follows:

See Filter Pricing Matrix

Non-listed filter Pricing: Email OMERESA@WAIBELENERGYSYSTEMS.COM with Sizes of filter (L,W,D i.e 12x24x2) or call Phil Riesenberg at 937-264-4333 (Office) 937-474-4595 (Cell) for direct quote. Once quoted it will be added to the pricing matrix and distributed to OMERESA.


Freight: All orders will be shipped direct to each customer direct from the factory. This will involve Over the Road freight at times, and UPS most others.

Free Freight: Minimum order for Free Freight is $1,000.00

Chargeable Freight: All orders under $1,000.00 will be charged at UPS Standard Ground Rates.


Customer Setup: Each District site must be set up in our system to enable us to conduct business and allow us to properly ship and Invoice. The OME-RESA Credit Application is attached to include Tax Exemption Form, all Ship To Addresses and Contact Persons. A Valid Purchase Order is required for each transaction.

Performance Comparison to Competition


AFP                                                    MX40 (AirGuard)

Merv 8/7A                                           Merv 8/8A                              

Initial Resistance .30”                         Initial Resistance .21”

56 grams dust holding                        89 grams dust holding

12.34 sq ft of media                            11.7 sq ft of media

Lamps and Ballasts
June 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020 
LED Lighting & Energy Savings Programs
Pricing Peroid: February 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020 
Contact Information: Belinda Kenley - bkenley@energyoptusa.com 937-877-1919 




Pricing Period:  June 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Libary Discounts Bid 

Vendors are providing discounts in addition to what they normally made available to school districts. Companies that did not provide additional discounts were rejected by the committee. Listed discounts apply to the vendor’s current catalog prices. Not the publishers list prices.


Pricing Period:  May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020



Please be sure to include your District's Name and address as well as the Bid Number on your Purchase Orders.  Our vendors have been recieving orders without district information and do not know where to send the orders.  Vendor Contact information and Bid Numbers can be found on the "Vendor Contact" tab of the above Medical Supply Pricing Sheet.

Paper Bid

Products include copy paper, cardstocks, construction paper & more. Take a look at our great pricing.


 School Buses



Click here to go to the OME-RESA Bus Page

 2018 - 2019 Bid below.

Bus Bid Results Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ls8ujzqgjcb5es0/AACT03vMdM91WDyeDOwt9pR8a?dl=0

Choose “Download” then “Direct Download” to save the documents to your computer.  Since this is such a large document - we recommend that you first hide the columns for any vendors and/or bus sizes you are not interested in.  It will be easier to view and print this way. 

Click the link above to review the bus bid results.  The file named "2018-2019 OMERESA Bids" will show you a side by side comparison of pricing for each bus size.  There are 4 tabs on this spreadsheet:  Conventional , Transit, Type A and Additional Type A. 

If you wish to view additional information from any of the vendors, please click on the folder to the vendor you are interested in.  These documents include Vendor Contact Information, Floor plans, Warranties, Stock Units and more.  Please remember:  Stock Units are limited in quantity and “first come, first served”. 

For any districts that did NOT participate in this year’s bus bid by filling out our survey and/or participating in our Legal Advertisement – you may still use this bid!  When we publish our Legal Advertisement we list each interested district along with the words “and ALL members of the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council and Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Educational Service Agency”.  So  ALL EPC & OMERESA Member Districts are covered on the legal advertisement and bid.  It IS necessary for your to pass a Board Resolution prior to purchasing though. 


Pricing is firm through January 16, 2019.  However, it is in our specifications that this pricing may be extended with prior authorization from the vendor you have chosen to purchase from.  All original Bus Bid Documents (including a copy of the Legal Advertisement) may be viewed at www.epcschools.org/bus.html.   

Passenger Vans
 Pricing Valid until 2019 Model Year Ends
Pickup Trucks 
Pricing Valid until 2019 Model Year Ends


CURRENT PRICE PERIOD:  March 1, 2019 - February 28, 2020 

 Includes:  Antifreeze, Transmission Fuel, Fuel and Oil Conditioner, Motor Oil, Windshield Washer Fluid, Vehicle Lamps, New Tires, Retreads and Bus Cameras.


OME-RESA currently has aggergation programs for Natural Gas & Electric. For information please contact Copperative Services directly.


OME-RESA & Hunter Consulting Workers’ Compensation Program. Please review the documents on this page to learn more.
Contact Information:
  Tammy Purcell, Group Rating Manager
 6600 Clough Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45254-0865
Direct (513) 372-8714
Fax (513) 372-8754
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