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OME-RESA is excited to announce that the Fiscal Redesign is ready for district migration! 
Starting off, districts will be trained and migrated in groups of three. Wave size may change in the future, however OME-RESA wants to ensure a smooth migration and proper attention and support is provided to each district.
To view the available waves, training dates go live dates and confirmed districts, Click Here.
To request a slot in a wave for your district to be migrated, you will need to click on the link located below. Please note that you will need a Google account to add your district. If you are not part of the OME-RESA Google Org, you will be prompted to request access to the Google sheet. Once you are provided access, you will be able to enter your district  in an open slot. Once you do this, the slot will turn yellow prompting OME-RESA staff to contact your district and review the details of the migration. Once you have reviewed the information and accepted the time line, your district wave slot will be confirmed and the slot will turn green and be locked.
To request a migration slot, Click Here