ODE/ITC EMIS Skype January Training - OM
Starting 1/16/2019 at 9:00 AM and ending on 1/16/2019 at 11:00 AM
Event Groups:
• OME-RESA - Student Services Events
For the winter months, ODE will be using Skype to host their trainings.  OME-RESA will be offering to host the Skype session scheduled for January 16th from 9:00-11:00.  A round table discussion immediately following the session.  
The following items will be discussed:
- EMIS manual changes to section 2.1.1
- FY19 changes
- Staff and Course reporting
- Assessments
- ODDEX updates
If you will be attending this session you will NOT need to register through STARS, only through our event calendar.  Documentation will be posted before the session.
Online Registration Available:  
Click here to register online.
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