How Your SFPR is Calculated
Starting 4/11/2019 at 9:00 AM and ending on 4/11/2019 at 3:00 PM
Event Groups:
• OME-RESA - Student Services Events
Superintendents, Treasurers, EMIS Coordinators Are Encouraged to Attend


Learn how EMIS calculations make all the amounts on the SFPR appear. Funding does not need to be a mystery.
While attending this training you will go over line by line the SFPR as well as the back up pages that show how each line figure is obtained. 
All documents will be provided. You only need to be sure you have access to a calculator. Most of you have one on your phone. 
ECOESC - St. Clairsville
Online Registration Available:  
Click here to register online.
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